Blonde Ambition

If you color treat your hair on a regular basis, this is a must read. And if you are a blonde, or color yourself blonde, this is going to be a total game changer for you!

Because I have colored my hair for several decades and use heat products for styling, I’m always looking for products that help renew and restore life to my overworked hair. And that’s why I HAVE to tell you about a new-to-me product. I recently discovered it when I was styling a new client with cabi’s Fall Collection a few weeks ago. She works at a salon and so I did what all people do and started talking products (isn’t that what you do too?!?!)

Specifically, I was telling her about my need to get my hair healthy again after several back to back color treatments. She immediately began singing the praises of Olaplex No 3. She said it produced phenomenal results in hair repair – music to my ears because I was desperate for some serious hair repair!

As soon as our our session ended, I drove straight to the salon to pick up a bottle. I came home and applied a generous amount of product to my slightly damp hair and left it on for about 2 hours (you can try anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight.) After rinsing out, shampooing and conditioning, I could tell right away that it had worked. My hair felt so smooth and when I styled it I could see just how immediate the results were!

I have since used it a few times more and I can only say my hair went from looking fried, with visible breakage at the hairline, to shiny and smooth. I plan to use it weekly in between color treatments. And at well under $30/bottle, I think it’s a very budget friendly investment.

Directions according to the company: Use Step 3 of the Olaplex Professional System, for once-a-week, at home applications to eliminate breakage from chemical services. Olaplex Hair Perfector is part of the hottest salon professional hair care line called Olaplex, which helps prevent hair damage during chemical services. Apply a generous amount from roots to ends on towel-dried hair. Use once a week between chemical services to strengthen hair. Comb through once. Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes or more. For damaged hair, repeat without rinsing.Rinse from hair. Shampoo and condition.

I’d love to hear what you use to keep your hair looking its best. And let me know if you give Olaplex a try!

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