Thinking of Spring

I know, I know. We just had a bombogenesis of a blizzard (what is that anyway??) and record arctic cold. Believe me, the reality of this winter has not been lost on me! I have been dealing with frozen pipes, crazy heat bills and stir crazy children.

But I’m a glass 1/2 full kind of girl and I keep reminding myself that spring is coming! And even if it really won’t be here for a while, isn’t it fun to think about the days of open toe shoes and bare legs? A girl can dream anyway!

And that brings me to the exciting announcement of Cabi’s Spring 2018 line. And y’all, it’s so, so good! Good enough to temporarily get me out of the winter blues and keep me pumped for the warmer days to come. Take a look at this fun video with sneak peaks of so many of the wonderful pieces in the line, inspired by the beautiful, mysterious and sexy women of Spain. It’s fantastic!

I’m currently booking shows for the season and would love to hear from you if you are interesting in hosting. The benefits are fantastic and I do all the work! Send me a message if you want in!!!